Investing Strategies

In today’s world, the investment strategies that many people use in their investments are very specific and require a large amount of skill. For example, there are so many ways to invest that it may be difficult for the average person to know which one will be best suited for … Read more

Implicit Cost in Economics

In economics, an implied cost is described as the financial risk incurred by a company in the absence of a direct or implicit cost. An implicit cost refers to a monetary cost that is not paid by a company unless the company pays it and an implied price is equal … Read more

Comparison Between Horizontal and Vertical Integration

Horizontal integration refers to the practice of a business growing the production of products or services from the same component of its supply chain. A business can do this through acquisitions, mergers or consolidation. It’s also referred to as “heterogeneous control”corporate within a firm”. In traditional industrial practices, such as … Read more

Financial Advice Can Be Had For Free

Free financial advice does not come cheap. In fact, speaking with a good financial, professional usually costs as much as $300 an hour, or costs a flat rate fee of several hundred dollars to meet with a personal financial advisor. But there’s an easier way to receive expert financial guidance … Read more

The Downside to Foreclosure Loans – The FHA

Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, are two of the largest mortgage servicing institutions in the country, each one providing mortgage loan financing, home loans, home equity loans, and many other related products to the American consumer. Opportunity cost is simply the forgone profit that would have otherwise been derived from … Read more

How To Get More Equity For Your Business With Multiple Loans

Equity Multiplier formula can help you in analyzing the equity of your business with ease and simplicity. This is an example, but with this formula you can easily know how much equity is financed by equity capital and how much equity capital is financed by debt and other financial resources. … Read more

Earnings Per Share and the Value of a Company

Earnings Per Share is basically the financial value of dividends paid out on common shares of stock by a company. It also includes the payment of the company’s regular dividend and other regular corporate payments such as rent, interest, taxes, etc. Earnings are calculated from various factors such as the … Read more

Dow Jones Futures Contracts

Dow Jones futures contracts were created in order to provide investors with a safe place to invest. The Dow futures contract first started trading on the Chicago Board of Trade in 1997, after extensive competition among the major exchanges for the exclusive rights to trade options and futures products held … Read more

Dividend Stocks – What Are Dividends?

Some investors prefer to accumulate long term capital income from high-yield dividend stocks, while other investors may shy away from stocks that pay out cash dividends and look for current income. The stock market reports, both on printed and online, include a company’s annual dividend per share, which is basically … Read more

How Global Governance Has Changed Trade

Global governance is an international system of governance designed to coordinate political action among the numerous transnational actors concerned with the development and maintenance of the world economy. Global governance has been referred to as a global community of decision-makers. It was developed in response to the need for a … Read more