Three Ways to Find Small Business Grants

A small business grant is often a predetermined amount of money that governmental agencies or private organizations give to various small businesses as a way to stimulate their growth. It’s loosely described as free financial aid. Small business grants however is full of caveats that often specify how this money … Read more

The Importance of Problem Analysis in the Management Process

Management process is an organizational process of determining and establishing goals, organizing and leading the management and planning of the actual management of any sort of activity, including: a project (management process) or a process (change management process). In business, the management process includes 3 primary processes: Plans, Means and … Read more

UK Companies Leave Us Hanging on the Telephone

New Survey Shows Companies are Using Covid as Excuse for Poor Customer Communications A new survey suggests that an increasing number of companies are using the Covid pandemic as an excuse for poor communications with customers. The survey of 1,000 adults, by leading communications company Moneypenny shows that 85% of people believe … Read more

Fashion Business Management

Fashion Business Management, also called fashion merchandising, deals with enhancing and increasing the brand awareness and value of a particular product through advertising and media promotion. A fashion business manager is usually responsible for coming up with new and creative ways for the promotion of a particular product so that … Read more

Finding the Best Email For Business

To be an expert in email marketing, you should have your best email for business prepared. These professional emails should not only catch the attention of the people that will open your emails, but should also convince them to take some kind of action. The best strategy to employ is … Read more

Are You Looking for a Business Start Up Loan?

A business startup or startup is a project or a business undertaken by an individual entrepreneur with a vision to seek, design, verify, and implement a highly scalable, cost-effective economic model. Starting a business is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks. There are a number of factors that … Read more

Do You Need a Business License to Sell Online?

Whether you have already started selling your own product or not, you may come to a moment where you will need a business license to sell online. In some areas, this requirement may even be a legal requirement before you can operate your business legally. It will depend on the … Read more

How the SBA Can Help You Start a Business

The U.S. Small Business Administration aids Americans start, grow, and support small businesses. Its purpose is to help these companies remain viable so that they can continue to provide jobs for all citizens. It is one of the most successful federal programs to assist small businesses throughout the country. Here … Read more

Operations Management and Forecasting

Operations management, in simple terms, is the management of company processes to produce the highest degree of productivity, quality, and profitability possible within an organisation. It is also associated with production planning and the scheduling of resources to best utilise available human and material resources. An effective operations management system … Read more

Small Business Management Tips From Celebrities

There are many small business management books on the market. And just as many Small Business Management textbooks. But what about the best small business management book? Which book will best benefit your business? Here is what they had to say: “For most small businesses, the key to long-term success … Read more